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Superior Solutions in manufacturing Heavy Duty Lifts

Stertil ALM based in Streator, Illinois is one of the Stertil production locations. Since 2008 Stertil ALM has been a subsidiary of the Stertil Group which is headquartered in the Netherlands.


The heavy duty lifting products produced at Stertil ALM are marketed and sold in the USA and Canada under the brand name Stertil-Koni. Stertil-Koni are market leaders in the heavy duty lifting industry.


Spare parts for heavy duty lifting equipment are sold through Stertil-Koni. Spare parts for legacy ALM Lifts produced until 2008 continue to be available through Stertil ALM. 


The Stertil ALM production facility is situated in a 65,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment including extensive testing and training facilities. A 37,000 square foot extension is in progress currently.


The Stertil ALM Training facility is suitable for complete training programs, providing both practical hands on facilities in a workshop environment as well as theoretical training in a class room equipped with modern audio and visual equipment including WIFI and internet access. 


Stertil ALM is committed to manufacturing at high standards for products in the heavy duty lifting market where product safety, reliability, durability and versatility are essential.


Some of the products manufactured at the facility include:

-        Mobile Column Lifts wireless and cabled.

-        ECOLIFT, the industry’s first U.S. patented ultra-shallow full-rise scissor in-ground lifting system.


-        DIAMOND LIFT, the recently introduced patented Diamond Guide technology preventing fluid leakage into the environment and with a full-rise telescopic piston.

-        SKYLIFT, a superior platform lift with unique vertical lifting and freedom of movement for the operator.